My story by Sanet du Toit

IMG-20150530-04039What to do if its Comrades weekend and you’re not in Durban? You enter the Montagu Mountain mania’s 17km…..even though you’ve sworn never to do it again because of the extremity of the run… Driving through the early morning darkness, with the rain softly falling, I wondered if I’m finally loosing it… far for a run that’s so difficult….

Arriving in Montagu, no rain,no wind……and my smiles is widening. We start our race while the early morning sun just peeps through the clouds and enter the stillness of the Kloof just outside Avalon springs. My smile widens even more. At the 3km mark, the climb begins up to Cogmanskloof, right to the top. With a huff and a puff (and a couple of swear words) we reach the top. Standing there, with the wind blowing through our bones, looking down on Montagu at our feet and I know this is why I came back. To feel free, to be me, not a mother, not a wife,just me!

Blessed to be able to run/climb and sometimes crawl…..up and down mountains…..just for the pure joy of it, no matter how slow!!S

So down we went the other side where the marshalls are patiently waiting for us to finish so they can godo their weekly shopping. (They are all local farm folks) Down the mountain and finally back into the Kloof again to the finish area at Avalon springs. What priceless memories. Montagu dried fruit to take home and feeling like I’ve just completed my own Comrades.